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Picture of Shade

Shade is an elegant selection offering the warmth of wood through soft and natural colours for a cosy living environment. Explore the colour nuances and their ambience to see how they can bring out the best in your interior decoration.

  • A collection of fashionable, functional and durable wood flooring in a wide palette of colour shades
  • 13 and 14 mm plank flooring
  • Width: 162 and 194 mm
  • Length: 2000, 2200, 2281 and 2520 mm
  • Three layer construction with excellent stability
  • Surface treatment: Proteco Natura, Proteco Lacquer and Proteco Harwax Oil
  • Bevels: no bevel, 2 sided mini bevels and 2 sided maxi bevels
  • Locking system: 2-Lock
  • Extensive range of matching skirting boards and accessories for installation, care and maintenance.


Paigaldus Hõljuv / Kinnita tsemendiga
Bioloogiline vastupidavus (EN 335-2) - klass Klass 1
Purunemistugevus (EN 1533) - W/mk NPD
Libisemiskindlus (EN 1339) NPD
Formaldehüüdi heide (EN 13986) E1
Kulumiskihi paksus (EN 13489) Approx. 2.5 mm / Approx. 3.5 mm
Põrutusheli vähendamine koos 2mm Tarkofoam/flex II (EN ISO 717-2) - Lw - dB 17
EÜ vastavusdeklaratsioon EN 14342

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